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A Bit of Background

We purchased our first Cavalier "Charlie" a Ruby in 2005.  My son Drew and Charlie were inseparable and he was "top dog" in our family.  Charlie was always happy and wagging his tail as long as he was around people.  
Angel a beautiful Blenheim arrived in 2010 and we began breeding  Cavaliers in 2012.  Angel was the best mom to 18 puppies.  Charlie lived to be 14 and was the best dog ever! 
Porscha and Beemer are now our new female and stud. Both are beautiful Tricolors from Country Hill Cavaliers a wonderful breeder also here in Minnesota. Porscha has a very calm and loving personality and is very gentle with children. Beemer has a very playful personality, loves other dogs and kids and loves to watch TV with Tom and I.

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